The Exoteric Manifesto was created to support the human stuggle for life, liberty, peace and prosperity.

Hierachys of Trust

In order to unite we need to organize ourselves. We propose a basic model that will ensure that humans who hold real trust will be able to get heard. That the human natural rights are respected, and that the true power and responsability will remain in the hands of the individual.

Organize yourselves in groups of five and use these groups as a basis for discussion and action. In each group decide upon one of you to be the trustee to speak on the behalf of the group. Organize all trustees in groups of five in the same way and decide upon a trustee for every new group. Continue until no more groups can be formed.

The trust hierachy will be utilized to find what interest you have in common and bring forward strategies of action. The Hierarchy of Trust does not have the power over any other individual, but gives support and advice.

Natural Law

We are all born as soverigns and are subject to inherent natural laws to guide us on our path to goodness. These basic natural laws shoud be honored and respected.

You may not harm another being, but help and support those in need.
You may not cause loss of property, but respect and handle things with care.
You may not lie or be fradulent in contract, but be true and honest.

Peacefull Non Compliance

Any law that does not honor the natural laws should be considerd unlawful. An unlawful law shoud be met with peaceful non compliance as long as your safety can be assured.

Empathic Dialogs

All conflicts with foreign states, government officials or other individuals inside or outside your group can be handled using empatic communication. Use this opportunity to establish a emphatic dialog to inhance mutual understanding. When you speak and act with honor and respect you will be met with honor and respect. The basic principles of empathic communication are:

Do not interupt, but try to understand the other persons feelings and needs.
Show that you understand and care by reflecting back what you hear.

Do not make use of judgements or interpretations, but try to make objective observations.
Do not blame others, but share your feelings about what has happened.
Do not share your opinions, but share your needs.
Do not make demands, but make requests.

The Exoteric Manifesto
Mikael Cromsjö
Sweden, 2011

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  1. Fjalar says:

    Vad är “natural rights” och “inherent natural law”?

  2. Tveksam till begreppet “Egendom”…

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