We have an incredible task ahead of us but with honesty and empathy as our guiding principle, we can not fail! Show your support and commitment to our fundraice!

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Untill the 31 of July we are runing a fundrace that enables a new era. Through this effort, we can bring Michael Cromsjö to the political arena and present a concrete action plan for how to transform today’s corrupt ruling system through empathy and non-compliance.

We are getting ourself ready for multiple information campains.

The Exoteric Manifesto is developed to present the basic tools that ensure a rapid and safe transition throughout the world. The cornerstones is civil disobedience, sovereignty and empathetic communication.

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Mikael Cromsjö

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    …tre sammanslutningar i Europa som finns idag.
    I synnerhet den första skapades under lång tid under mesta möjliga motstånd…

    Vi kör alldeles oavsett vilka eller vad som hänger med.


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