The Exoteric Foundation is an endowment fund dedicated to promoting a more free and open world. We operate by studying and disseminating knowledge about the underlying structures and functions in our society and in ourselves. With this information we are creating new awakened villages to support the coming system-change..

We are implementing information projects and initiate collaboration with other organizations and associations with similar objectives.

These principles are designed to provide a basic understanding of how we can free ourselves and find ways to work with others in larger groups.


An objective truth can not be established. The understanding of this gives a humility and openness to new possibilities. We come closer to the truth through personal experience and exploration. This allows us to understand that we cant take on others truth or make someone else beleve in our truth without them making those experiences themselves.

Empathic Communication

When we communicate with empathy, we focus on understanding the needs and feelings behind the words. This allows us to talk about what is really important. By being aware of how we make subjective interpretations when we talk we can avoid misunderstandings and speak with honesty. Empathic communication provides a framework to resolve conflicts and gain a deeper contact with ourselves and others.


We are all sovereign and nobody has the right to control someone else. When we understand this, it gives us the opportunity to find new ways to manifest our freedom.

Hierarchys of Trust

Each step in a hierarchy must have the confidence of those they represent. By building positive hierarchies we can more effectively organize and execute joint projects.

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