Mankind faces huge challenges. Extensive manipulation at all levels means that no one looks at the real causes of problems in the world.

Lack of transparency in decision making, systematic abuse of power, corruption and organized crime undermines the political arena.

We are all involved in maintaining the hierarchical power structure. We are part of a whole and the problem is a reflection of us. We therefore need to understand ourselves and our surroundings. When we start getting rid of our ignorance the society will flourish.  Awareness, empathy and nonviolence is the key to inner and outer wellbeing.

The change has already begun. The information age is here and more and more people become aware. In The Exoteric Scripture, we have summarized the most important information to understand what is happening around us today. With this knowledge we can create a better world and above all learn to know ourselves.

Exoteric scripture

(Translate of the first chapter)

We live in exciting times right now. Never before has information been so accessible and open as it is now. But there are still fundamental knowledge that has not had time to get out to the people. The next step we believe will be one of the greatest that humanity has taken in the degree of understanding of how our world looks and how its underlying mechanisms are operating. It is a very important step and we believe it is essential that the transition occurs in the most constructive and peaceful manner as possible. The purpose of this article is to tell you about the hidden information and give you ideas on how we all together can act for this to lead to something positive, we want to avoid further suffering and conflict.

Knowledge can be divided into two groups: the exoteric, public and accessible knowledge, and the esoteric, hidden or inaccessible. Through time, the esoteric knowledge has been the main vehicle for expanding and maintaining power. This division of knowledge is defended by the assumption that the masses do not have the time or mental capacity to assimilate the information. Knowledge is only for the educated elite with higher and more developed minds and is considered to be dangerous for the masses.

This theory has led to what is sometimes termed ruling structures, is a strong hierarchical structure in which there is a clear division between the higher, which gives the order, and the lower, which performs these and then get punishments or rewards. A major problem with such structures is that they create a stronger centralization of power, the higher up the structure you will, while less and less transparency. What perhaps began once with great visions of a free world is now the main problem we face.

With the help of the Internet the hidden information has been avalible to an increasing proportion of the population. We now know how the corruption has been going on and has lasted through centuries. Soon we will reach a critical point when the power structures will either become visible or create new ways to insure their survival in the hidden, not least by creating various conflicts to confuse and distract.

We think it would be best if this information became available to all as soon as possible before further havoc is created in the world. However, it is important that the information is accompanied by a message of empathy and reconciliation. There’s no need for a blody revolution, but a society in which we can transform the rules of the structures, where we instead of using external authority we seek cooperation with shared needs in the center. It has already started in many parts of society. Moreover, it is important to understand and reflect on what information is, and how to deal with this knowledge in a way that neither condemns or clings to the ideas and beliefs. We need to listening to all the knowledge without the need to dicide what is true or false.

For several years we have been deeply involved in spreading information about these issues and we are constantly looking for new ways to reach more people. Together we have started The Exoteric Fundation which is politically and religiously independent. We carry out projects and act to spread our message so that as many people as possible have the knowledge and power to create a freer world. We intend to pursue more projects, and create campaigns, record movies and more.

The key to our success in reaching our goal is that you continue to inform yourself and others in these matters. We hope for your contribution, you can participate and together we can spread the word to as many people as possible.

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