The solutions needed to create a better world is already available, but what is everyone waiting for?

The problem is the ruling structures which in their fear of losing their influence are clinging to old lies and doing everything possible to discredit the alternatives that might compete with them. In fact, we all win on letting go of the old ruler techniques and embrace the future solutions.

We can all have good physical and mental health through natural medicines and therapies.

We can use smart organic technology that is both economic and conserve natural resources.

With clean farming practices, we can reduce dependence on oil, strengthen the natural environment and increase the nutritional content of food.

By creating a fair economy we can have positive growth and reduce debt.

To get a true democracy, we need to change the voting system and decentralize the decision making to increase the participation and responsibility. <

With empathic communication, we can create partnerships between different groups and find common solutions.

With transparent and independent investigations of major world events as we increase the knowledge, understanding and opportunities for freedom.

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