Second time around in the Andalusian sun

We’re on a mission. Finding a piece of land in paradise where we can settle down and create a place where we can grow. Here is our travel diary. Sollandet […]

We’re on a mission. Finding a piece of land in paradise where we can settle down and create a place where we can grow. Here is our travel diary.

Mikael on site in Orgiva

Sollandet i sikte

Our journey starts where it left off last year. Together with my family and our good friend Frederik we travel to southern Spain’s mountains and valleys. This time, we are even less prepared than the last trip, but we have at least something invaluable in hare and that is good friends. It does not take more than a few hours after we arrived before we are offered a place to stay. We settle ourselves in an old bus that is converted to a kitchen and bedroom. On the property lives Dan who is a cactus enthusiast who likes to invite friends to party around his home-made pizza oven. The bus stands in a small forest of bamboo, which gives a nice, cool place when the sun stand high up in the sky and shines with all his glory.

The children are happy and satisfied

We have it really good here. Dan offers us to stay as long as we want. He also has a four-year daughter Alana and all the kids like to play together in the grounds.

The Andalusian autumn is phenomenal! The sun shines most of the day and for a sun-worshiping Swedish it begins to make sense to lie down and enjoy the sunshine. It is wonderful that here in September and that is precisely what has brought us this far. The dream of being self-sufficient feels much closer at these latitudes, and we can see examples of people who live well on a small plot of land.

All is well, except maybe the various stomach problems and diseases that seem to be obligatory here. Fredrik manage to pull the shortest straw and is struggling with fatigue and abdominal pain.

Gabriel is neat and tidy

We are here to prepare us for our next big adventure, which consists in visiting various places in Portugal and Spain to finally find a piece of land that we can settle down on for good.

First we have to fix with all our stuff, get a drivers license and buy a car. We took a look around town for ads and found a few cars and caravans. We talked about it with Dan who says he just bought one of the cars in question and the guy who sells cars live around the corner. We went over to him to look at the cars and then took a trip to an auto mechanic who also lives nearby. Funnily enough, it turns out that he sells one of the caravans. There was no car, but we are now happy owners of a really neat little caravan.

Orgiva is a bit of an alternative mecca. It brings together people from all over Europe to seek a new life. It’s a nice place, but a little creepy. It feels a bit like the Wild West where people do little as they want. There is a small alternative village called Benificio in the mountains, where people live in all sorts of different buildings. Everything from sheds to earth homes. Then there are areas where “travelers” are collected in motorhomes, caravans and create small neighborhoods. Lots of small-scale organic farms. There is also a living Sufi community, a Santo Daimi church and a handful of rastas. An interesting mix, but our experience is that this is not the place for us. Feels a bit overgrown so we are aiming to do to go on to new magical places.

Base camp

What we are looking for in Portugal is a quite large piece of land where we can create an eco-village. We want families, meditation and consciousness to be in the center, mixed with organic farming and everything else fun. Exactly how it should look like seems to vary from day to day and I think that we will feel our way forward while we search.

Celebrations in the village

Indra has now taken the driver’s license, hurray! We are celebrating with wine and good food. It’s been a month and it feels now like we have wind in our sails. Now we finally have our stuff on the spot: Tepe, electrical, computer, music, lighting and anything else you could wish for. I have also received a response from an eco-village in Portugal, which seemed promising. The only thing missing now is a car, something that seems to be harder than expected to arrange, but we have some time to look before it gets tough.

We are now ready for the next step of our journey. We are all beginning to get a little impatient and the desire to start travel grows stronger. It is now that our journey really begins. It is going to be exciting!

Warm regards
Mikael, Indra the Kids and Fredrik