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In response to the many problems we face today we present a concrete action plan to bring peace and harmony with nature and people. We want to create a place […]

In response to the many problems we face today we present a concrete action plan to bring peace and harmony with nature and people.

We want to create a place where organic and sustainable solutions in agriculture, engineering, social structure and knowledge sharing can be used and further developed to be a model for how a healthy society can be created.

Idol Project Tamera ( http://tamera.org )

Agriculture – Forest Gardens

A forest garden is a place where wild plants and animals are mixed together and interact with productive crops to improve yield and reduce labour.

Diversity creates a partnership that takes away the need to add nutrients and pesticides. It gives an agriculture that is not dependent on oil-based products and heavy machinery.

Holzer Permaculture ( http://www.krameterhof.at/en/ )

Building – Earthships

By building houses as part of the landscape, you can use solar, earth, wind and water in a simple and effective way that does not consume resources and generate waste products.

Natural and easily available materials is used to reduce construction costs and speed up construction. Greenhouses, electrical energy, geothermal energy and water used together to create an effective ecosystem.

Earthship ( http://earthship.org

Social structure – 5-groups

The basis for coexistence is the freedom to develop without constraint, with empathy and understanding for others’ needs.

Together in small groups with five people new proposals are made and projects are implemented. A trustee is selected in each group to further develop ideas with other trustees. The small and intimate groups create a helthy environment where everyone can express there ideas, whereas larger groups often create a climate of competision and strugle for leadership. The 5-groups becomes the basis for a true democratic platform where the individual rights and freedow will not be sacrificed for the larger group. The organisation structure is only a tool to bring forward the best ideas and to pressent theese in form of recomendations for everyone to use as they see fit.

Knowledge – Education Center

The information used to create eco-habitats, which is the basis for this project will be available for project participants and outsiders through an open learning center.

By studying the underlying problems in society today, observing nature and experimenting with different solutions, we can rediscover a balance with our surroundings and with ourselves.

Empathetic Dialogue

We are looking to start dialogues with landowners and municipalities to begin the construction of an eco-habitat. We intend to take care of, utilize and develop the land to enhance biodiversity and provide an international model for environmental and peace work.

Our intention is to develop the land in agreement with the landowners, but without a contract. It gives more opportunities to create a new model of ownership and utilization of shared natural resources that are not based on the current system.


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