How could life go on after the breakdown of the mega-mystems?

The world is in transition towards a new way to live on Earth. The old dictator-ships and hierarchies cannot remain much longer. Those who stand against despotism today could witness […]

The world is in transition towards a new way to live on Earth. The old dictator-ships and hierarchies cannot remain much longer. Those who stand against despotism today could witness a completely changed world tomorrow.
From the Tamera Manifesto for a New Generation on Planet Earth:

Behind the global massacre of our times stand wrong systems of economy, wrong concepts of love and religion, wrong systems of thought, and
the endless abuse of natural resources. A global matrix of fear and violence has developed because of a wrong turn of evolution, and has eaten its way deep into the collective human soul. The new planetary community is making a fundamental system-change from the matrix of fear to the matrix of trust. It is doing so in all areas – from personal relationship issues to the political and ecological issues of the healing of the planet. This system-change is a change of power. The new power no longer consists of domination over others but of reunification with the universal laws of life.

Uniting for a new planetary community

We see a new generation of pilgrims from all countries travelling across the earth. They are no longer bound to nation, language, culture or religion, nor to wealth or possessions. They help in crisis areas, visit sacred sites, meet at campfires and in hostels, share their bread and develop a new quality of community. A new global citizenship is developing beyond all institutions. A new form of positive ‘globalisation’. This process is supported by the development of new centres which slowly spread across the earth. We call them ‘healing biotopes’ or ‘peace-villages’. They serve for the pilgrims as shelter, study centre and workplace. Real research work is done here on the technological, ecological, social, spiritual and intellectual basics of a non-violent world society. Together these centers form a worldwide network, the “Global Campus”.

Creating models for future life

In communities which are based on truth and mutual support, a power develops which is stronger than any violence. It is the power of trust: trust between men and women, trust between adults and children, and trust between humans and animals. The re-establishment of an original trust, in a world in which fear no longer exists. Trust is the basis on which life heals. There is no deeper vision than the vision of a world in which trust reigns between all beings. The deepest point of turning lies in the areas of
sexuality, love and partnership: There cannot be peace on earth as long as there is war in love. The new world has overcome all forms of the fight bet-
ween the genders. Neither chauvinism nor feminism exist. The genders stand as equals beside each other and work together for the same goal, the reunification of life.

The “concrete utopia” of the Earth is a worldwide network of self-sufficient settlements. The imperialistic power will be overcome in the moment when subsistence economies become realistic. Energy, water and food are freely available for all of humankind, if we manage the natural resources of our earth wisely. Nobody on earth has to suffer from deprivation, starvation or cold once the tyranny is ended.

The Earth can be healed. There is a world that heals our wounds. This is the world of undistorted life. And there is a world that causes the wounds: the world of the human being. These two worlds have to come together to prevent future suffering. The world of the human being has to be reintegrated into the basic structures of universal life. The following four basic areas must be healed: energy, water, nutrition and – love. These four sources of life must be liberated from the dark powers which have destroyed them (energy companies, dictatorships, churches and so on). This is not a private, and not a local fight. It is a global fight. It is a fight between the global powers of life and the global powers of destruction.
If life wins, there will be no losers.

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