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With great courage and effort, we will be able to change the world. Read more about our vision of awakened communities that may play a key role in the battle […]

With great courage and effort, we will be able to change the world. Read more about our vision of awakened communities that may play a key role in the battle for our future

After many years of studying the worlds power structures, control mechanisms and alternative solutions have put forward a concrete proposal for how we can break the current trend of looting and depleation of the planet and mankind.

The solution is based on creating an alternative to today’s society. An alternative that can show how we as humans can live in harmony with each other and nature. This is what I call awakened communities or villages. The villages will start empathic dialogues with existing structures and provide support to the entire community to slowly but surely move towards a harmonious development.

“We can not solve problems with the same kind of thinking that created them.” -Einstein

Here I will lay out the basics of the awekened communities.

From The Exoteric Manifesto


The fundamental law that can be said to be descended from the natural laws based on simple and logical principles.

You must not harm anyone else, cause loss of property or be deceptive in contract.

Property may however, be used by others if this does not cause loss of property.

All laws that are created in addition to this basic laws function as recomendations or optional contracts for all who wish to participate.

Civil disobedience

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of laws created to control humanity. These laws are not optional and we are not given the opportunity to choose whether we want to participate in society. We can see that this system of laws does not ensure the fundamental rights of man or nature. We should not follow laws that violate our fundamental rights and such laws should be considered ilegal.

If we study law, these laws are mainly written to control the behavior of “persons”. We believe that we must be defined as a person to utilize community services and to be able to survive. But as humans we have the right to life and we have every opportunity to make trade with people and entities in the community.

We are not bound to be “persons” and we should instead define ourselves as sovereign humans.

The awakened communities will encourage people to build their own home and care for and benefit from the woodlands without legally owning the land in question. To be provided with the basic things for survival is a natural right which the majority today are unable to gain.

Empathic Communication

If any conflict arises with society or within the community there are ways to manage them that deepens our understanding of each other. If any party believes that his/her rights have not been respected they can begin a dialogue with Empathic Communikation.

Conflicts are resolved through dialogue in which Empathic Communication is used to understand all parties’ needs and find a solution that meets as many needs as possible.

The basis for empathic communication is described in  non-violent communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg. By starting empathic dialogues with various entities in the community we can help them meet their needs while protecting our own, humanity and the earth needs.

Positive hierarchies

To handle the management of common resources, we suggeste a representative system, called “5-groups.”  The principle of the five groups are:

All participants are divided into groups of five people. Each group consults on current issues and decide by consensus how they wish to act. One of the major tasks of each group is to appoint a trustee within the group. All trustrees will then again be divided into groups of five. This process is repeated until it has created a positive hierarchy.

Important to point out is that the decisions that the five-group does can not restrict someone else’s rights.

To be five people in each group is deliberately chosen to ensure that all people have the opportunity to be heard without having a group mentality leading the decision-making. The structure thus has a built-in protection against infiltration and influence from without.

Harmonious Development

There is a lot of information avalible on how we can live in harmony with nature and each other. All these methods and techniques will be promoted and developed. There are several techniques that seem very promising to restore a balance with nature.

Building cheap and ecological houses that uses solar and earth-heating. Growing forest gardens that produce food and enhance the soil. Purifying of water by creating vortexes and use bacteria to break down toxins. Create our own currencies, which is free and decentralized.

We need you to be a part of the Exoteric Revolution

Our vision extends beyond ourselves. We want to reshaping our entire cililication to be in harmony with the earth. We work and dedicate our lives to create a sustainable system for everyone. Whether you have the opportunity to stay in one of the villages, or if you choose to stay in society, you have an opportunity to accelerate the transformation. There is nothing that can stop us if we are willing to meet today’s problems with empathy, noncompliance and peaceful civil disobedience.

When you stand up for what is right and do it with empathy and respect towards all living beeings there is no one who can honestly say that you are doing wrong.

Mikael Cromsjö
2011, Sweden