The Truth Revolution

The Industrial Revolution led us into the information revolution, which in turn leads us to the truth revolution.

Until now there has been a strong separation of esoteric knowledge, ie knowledge that is publicly available, and esoteric knowledge, that has only been available to the most influential in the community. That means in plain language, that knowledge has been kept hidden from the masses to benefit various interests.

Through the IT revolution knowledge has found its way on to the Internet and is now widely available to all who seek.

The Truth Revolution means more opportunities. There is now an opportunity that we for the first time can have a truly free society and I expect great progress in science and research. Especially in the field of health and energy production that has been mostly restrained.

There are also several challenges. First and foremost, it means that the individual must understand that much of the information that forms the basis of our current world view is wrong. We must now reconsider and create a new world. Not only that, we must take full responsibility for our beliefs as there are no apparent credible sources.

It is very important not to further centralize power in a world government. The problems will not be solved by the same groups that created the problems no matter what package they will try to sell it in.

Then we must find ways to understand how it could come to this point and be able to forgive the unforgivable. There are people at all levels of society and we are finally all involved in the maintenance of the existing structures. It will take time and patience before these structures can be converted and find honest and enlightened people who can help lead the way.

An important step is to create a true democratic platform where we can study, discuss and support any of this transition. This is the mission of the Exoteric Foundation.