Analysis of the current world situation

I have written this short essay as I have uncovered important knowledge regarding the present state of the world, that may have a great impact on how we engage in social issues.

I have sent this information to several individuals that endorse social change, and I hope that this can help you to make even more effective decisions in your efforts.

An analysis of the current world situation and some thoughts on how to respond

By: Mikael Cromsjö

About the author

Mikael was born 1978 in Sweden and has been an practitioner of Zen-Buddhism since 1999. Mikael is a software engineer, a teacher in empathic communication and coaching, and is active in studying and informing people about the world situation.


The world is becoming more and more connected and the global society plays a larger role in our daily lives. Looking at the world today with all the problems that is has I feel it is of great importance to focus on the root cause of the problem.

In this article I will present the conclusions of my studies of the current world situation and my thoughts of how to resolve the situation. My research is based upon numerous authors and researchers and represent a widely upheld, but not well known conclusion that in many ways challenges our view of reality. I will not try to prove my point of view, but rather present this as a basis for your own studies and further discussion.

“Do not think the knowledge you presently possess is changeless, absolute truth. Avoid being narrow minded and bound to present views. Learn and practice non-attachment from views in order to be open to receive others’ viewpoints. Truth is found in life and not merely in conceptual knowledge. Be ready to learn throughout your entire life and to observe reality in yourself and in the world at all times.” – Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh

There is great problems in the world today

The world is and has for a long time been in great suffering. Wars, genocide, poverty, famine, overwork, over-consumption and the poisoning of the land, air and waters create problems for our survival.

The worlds resources are in the hands of a few men who owns almost all nature resources, money, land, media, properties and inventions.

The root of the problem is the ruling structures

Looking at the history you will find several examples of how societies are ruled and manipulated by an small and intrinsic group of people. There tools for control are lies, threats and force which are employed in different manners in different times.

When we take a look at the world today there are not many who can or want to see that the situation is not much different from the past. Instead many believe that we today live in a open and free society and that our difficulties lie in the general greed and corruption of man. If you take the time to look closer on today’s situation, through the veil of ignorance, it becomes apparent that most of our world views are still based on lies and that fear and lies are the prominent method of control today.

The main difference of today’s way of manipulating the society is that the controlling powers choose to be hidden and are no longer showing their glory to the people. Instead they have made an illusion that the power is located in the hands of the democratically elected governments.

The hidden powers, resides in the secret societies, but reaches out through all of society. The secret societies uses several techniques to create strict hierarchial structures (ruling structures) within and without its own domains, using authority, secrecy, departmentalization, fear, rewards and lies. These control mechanisms are the main resource to enable them to manipulate societies without being noticed. These structures spread out unnoticed throughout the society and into all aspects of our lifes.

There are two main views of the nature of the world. The exoteric and the esoteric. The exoteric view is for the ordinary people, the masses, and is often a simplification and a distortion of the truth. The esoteric view is hidden and obscured but is avalible for anyone who searches with an open and clear mind.

To uphold a false exoteric world view the hidden powers have gained control over a vast centralized network of mass media and education, giving them the possibility to manipulate the information flowing in the society. It is through this network that the hidden powers can surround us with a veil of ignorance and manipulate us into accepting and complying with the ruling structures.

To control the earth resources and labor the hidden powers have created a centralized network of banking, giving them a monopoly of the creation and circulation of money in the society. It is through this network that the hidden powers can manipulate events on a global and local scale by the lending and indebtment of governments, states and men.

Utilizing these tools the hidden powers have gained control of most of the worlds resources without our knowledge and continues to spread its control over industries, governments, organizations and religions.

There is a possibility for peace and prosperity

The hierarchical power structures rely totally on the willingness of its participants to comply with its ways. The greatest part of the ruling structures are not aware of any hidden purpose and implements the agenda without knowing or understanding its implications.

If we were to change our own behaviour and start taking more responsability for our actions, we could change the existing power structures. By transforming the ruling structures into open and empathic structures, it would no longer be possible to carry out secret agendas.

Instead of blind obedience to authority there would be an understanding in between layers of the hierarchy. Instead of secrecy there would be openness and transparency. Instead of departmentalization there would be cooperation. Instead of motivation by fear and reward there would be motivation by meeting your own and others needs. Instead of lies there would be honesty.

As I have studied some of the vast body of information that is now starting to spread through out the Internet. I have found that there are solutions to many, if not all of today’s problems including agriculture, housing, water and energy. A large majority of the problems we have are actually direct consequences of the hidden power structures and would soon correct itself if we were to change its workings.

The solution is to transform the ruling structures using empathy

To motivate us to start the change we need to understand the root of today’s problems and see the ruling structures for what they are, and see how we all are a part of that structure.

To be able to reach into the minds of the people we need to show that there are a way out of the current situation, and that there could be solutions to all of our worldly problems if we were to do an honest effort.

To make the change we need to take responsibility for the current situation and not try to shift the blame to those who have been in power. We are as heavily dependent on them as they are on us. Instead we must look at ourselves and each other with empathy, trying to understand, appreciate and have compassion for what has been done in the past.

Empathy and honesty is the way to transform the ruling structures into empathic structures. Empathy means to try to understand and listen to the feelings and needs of ourselves and others. Empathy with others is important as it enables us to see the needs behind their actions. When we see their needs we can easier feel compassion for them. When we listen to our own needs we can easier act in a way that meets those needs. When we express our selfs by sharing our feelings and needs we are always truthful, without judgement and interpretations. This gives other people the opportunity to understand us without feeling accused and they can better find ways of meeting our needs. Honesty is also to take responsibility for our actions.

Empathy transcends all the properties of the esoteric power structures. There can be no blind obedience to authorities if we stand up for our feeling and needs. You can ask the question – Why? Why do you want me to do this? What need does it meet? And you can express your own feelings and needs. Share how do you feel about it. What needs do you have? In the same way there can be no secrecy when we start asking questions. There can be no departmentalization. Fear and reward would no longer suffice as motivation, and it would be much harder to uphold lies.

Last words

I hope that this information has informed and inspired you. With this knowledge it is much easier to understand strange behaviors in the society and to create effective strategies for social change.

Best Regards
Mikael Cromsjö
Exoteric Foundaton