Letter to Dr. Marshall

Dear Marshall

I am happy to have the possibility to see you in person. I have done some study of your work and find it quite interesting. I wanted to be able to give you some insights that I have made that might give you some new toughs on the subject.

I have been studying social structures, hierarchy’s, and different control mechanisms in society for several years and I have found that much of the literature I have read have somewhat of an incomplete understanding of the reason behind structural problems in society.

First we have the problem with the ruling mentality, the mentality that defines itself from what other think of them, what they own, and who they have power over. This mentality creates the ruling hierarchy. This hierarchy is typically described as a pyramid where the top has power and information and the bottom part lives in ignoranse.

Here we come the the part that I call the conspiratorial awareness. This is the awareness that the top of the pyramid is so frighten about loosing its control that it constantly tries to keep the ruling hierarchy in place.

People do understand that the world is in deep problem, but as long as the media and the governments keeps holding back the truth and tries to keep people in control (consensus psychosis) the people seem to have faith in these instances.

So my conclusion is that to get people to understand, that they have to start act, they also have to understand that parts of the media, government and so on are not truly trying to remove this problem, but rather maintain it.

Today the war on terrorism is a good example. There are massive of evidence that supports that most of the international terrorist acts are performed as false flag operations. That it is terrorism created from entity´s inside of the country and is then blamed on the “terrorists” to maintain a state of war where you can suppress discontent opposition and strengthen the hierarchical structure in the own country and the invaded country’s.

I do understand that this information by it self can be an inspiration of hate crimes and such and it is therefor important that it comes together with a powerful method to handle the situation. One of these solutions is the non- violent communication model.

As the Buddha said, to be free for suffering we have to first understand suffering. And to truly understand the problem at hand we really need to open our eyes to the conspiracy that has been at work for such a long time.

Best Regards
Mikael Cromsjö